Want Our Full Computer Security Suite?

Symantec Endpoint Protection 3.95 per monthLook no further. We have partnered with the leading endpoint software company Symantec to bring you affordable computer security. Obtaining the world’s top defense against viruses, malware, and outside intrusion is now available to you. By signing up for Symantec Endpoint Protection through Compass, our technicians will be able to monitor the safety of your computer.

Symantec Endpoint ProtectionWith Symantec Endpoint Protection you get an anti-virus that not only is proven to detect and remove more threats than any other program in its class, it also uses intelligent security that proactively blocks zero-day threats.┬áIf performance is an issue, look no further. Symantec Endpoint Protection uses server side scans that allow it to eliminate up to 70 percent of the consumption on your machines. This allows your computer to maintain the best performance and protection simultaneously. In fact, Symantec Endpoint Protection is so fast, it outperforms every product in it’s class in scan speed and performance impact.

By purchasing through us, we can help customize your specific protection for you or your organization. Our centralized management allows us to see when a computer bumps into a virus, where, and what type of virus it is. Let us protect you!

**Within 24-48 hours you should receive a link with download instructions.**

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