Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

With the advancement of technology, creating stunning custom websites takes a lot more than dropping a few custom webpage graphics and adding in a a bit of text. These days especially, building an engaging and useful website takes the knowledge of what each type of business needs and how to place it within the site to ensure that users can navigate the page easily. Luckily for you, at Compass Web Studio, we specialize in custom web design and provide the highest caliber products on the market for all of our clients.  Not only do we ensure that you have a great desktop page, we also integrate multiple forms of mobility and social media into every page we create.

To thrive in today’s online world you have to be mobile. Every page we create is built to be mobile ready and responsive. Here at Compass Web Studio we use today’s top design platforms to create your site, giving you the best possible performance on the web. This is the performance expected by our clients and potential clients. To view some of Compass Web Studio‘s latest custom website design techniques, check out our  custom web design portfolio. Get a sneak peek at what our highly skilled web designers and developers can do for you and your business!

When you decide to build a site, you need to build a concept. Having a customized concept for your particular site is essential. We help you through the steps of developing the idea that you want your page built on.

mobiletestThe concept and custom website design work hand-in-hand and differ from site to site. This depends upon the customer recommendations.  The custom website design is the end result of concept, page content, and web design related images customized for each of our clients’ recommended needs.

The focus of Compass Web Studio within each and every web design project, is always on the one major factor, the client. Our custom website design and development team is here to listen, create a concept, optimize it to fit your vision of your business.

Start your jump into the online domain by contacting us! For a free quote and consultation in getting a custom website design concept underway by contacting us through Facebook, PinterestLinkedin, Twitter or E-mail us at

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Mobilegeddon is out, What you need to know

Mobilegeddon is out, What you need to know.

What is ‘Mobilegeddon’?

Everyone knows Google. It’s the dominate search engine holding around 65% of searches. Recently they announced that they would be changing their algorithm for mobile-searches. This change was meant to give results that are optimized for their device. What this means is when someone searches from a device other than a computer, a non-mobile friendly page will lose ranking. Due to the the massive impact this will have on SEO, it has been nicknamed, ‘Mobilegeddon’. Before the announcement 52% of Fortune 500 companies already had their site mobile ready.

pullQuoteMobilegeddon3When it comes to staying connected, smart phones and tablets have taken over. The proof is in the statistics. Over one-third of mobile users are exclusively using their device to purchase and seek out information. Despite the name ‘Mobilegeddon’, Google is only standardizing what the consumers already want. Consumers are less likely to stay on a site if it is not optimized for their device. If you don’t sell products online, you may feel this doesn’t affect you.  However, 65% of mobile users research online and make the purchases in store. If your site isn’t mobile friendly,then you’re loosing customers.

Google stated yesterday, “…we want to ensure that when you search on Google you find content that is not just relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens.”

What can we do to help you?

Finding out if your website is mobile ready doesn’t have to be complicated. Head over to the developer section of Google and try out their test. That test is a great starting point, but you may need to do more. Different websites will take different amounts of work to make them mobile-friendly. Give us a call or e-mail with your sites address and fin out exactly how mobile ready your site is and how we can prevent ‘Mobilegeddon’ for you.

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Illinois Website Design – PrayerDesigns.Com

Compass Web Studio is glad to announce the addition of PrayerDesigns.Com to our family of designs.

Prayer Designs is specifically setup to deliver top quality WordPress websites to churches at an affordable price yet providing them with a very high quality website.

Stay tuned for more announcements from us in the near future.

8 Tips for Increasing Email Subscribers

I came across ” 8 Tips for Increasing Email Subscribers ” and wanted to share it with you.

The more I work with small businesses searching for the best ways to interact with clients, the more I realize that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate. In fact, studies show nearly 77% of people still prefer to receive promotions via email. So how can your business increase its email reach and capitalize on this proven success? Here are 8 tips for increasing your email subscribers.

  1. Offer an incentive. More companies are offering a free downloadable “tip sheet” or eBooks to entice readers to sign up. Free gifts are a great way to motivate a person to action.
  2. Keep it simple. Make sure you keep the signup form as simple as possible. In fact, just asking for an email address will guarantee you more subscriptions than requesting additional information like name, zip code, and demographics. Save that for an “update your profile” message once the person is subscribed.
  3. Make the email easy to forward. Take advantage of the “forward to a friend” option that comes with so many email platforms. This is a great way for your customer to send the information to other networks and attract potential subscribers.
  4. Make it easy at tradeshows and conferences. Attending a conference or being a tradeshow vendor means you will meet dozens of prospective customers. Make it easy for those individuals to subscribe to your email newsletter by asking them to simply scan a QR code with their smartphone.
  5. Use social media. Don’t limit your email subscription form to your website or blog. Be sure to include an email sign-up form on all your social media platforms. It’s very possible a prospective customers will go to your Facebook page before she ever reaches your website.
  6. Watch the frequency by which you send out messages. It’s tempting to schedule several messages to go out each week. But is that what your customers want? If you are sending more than two message each week and you see your unsubscribe count increasing, consider sending fewer messages.
  7. Make the subject line compelling. So many people only read an email subject line before deleting or opening a message. Write your subject lines so the words inspire curiosity and engage the reader. Consider using a question or call-to-action phrase.
  8. Include valuable content in your email. More than anything, give your reader a reason to subscribe and keep reading your messages by including information that is of value.



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These days in Illinois Website Design takes a bit more than creating some website design graphics and typing some words. It takes the knowledge of placement and what each type of business needs. Here at Compass Web Studio, we know Illinois website design and take it to the highest degree for all of our clients. Compass Web Studio integrates the latest website design tactics for all pages and sites we create. Compass Web Studio uses all of today’s web design platforms, and this assists in the proper web design structure and website design expected by our clients and potential clients. To view some of Compass Web Studio‘s latest web design techniques used, check out our portfolio web page at – Compass Web Studio Portfolio – Illinois Website Design. This will provide a solid look at what our Illinois website design developers can do for you and your business.


Crawford County Illinois Website Design Company

Crawford County Illinois Website Design Company

Crawford County Illinois Website Design Company – Call: 877-700-2266 – Compass Web Studio, LLC – Professional B2B Website Design.

Compass Web Studio, LLC announced today their intention of expanding their Southern Illinois Website Design services to focus on being a Crawford County Illinois Website Design Company and their intent to make this move a primary expansion project for first quarter of this year.

The owners stated today that Crawford County Illinos has a lot to offer Soutnern Illinois.  Also noted was a Crawford County Illinois Website Design Company such as Compass Web Studio, LLC could improve the Internet traffic to this small but growing community and that could bring more sales and traffic to the businesses located there.

Crawford County Illinois Website Design Company

As a Crawford County Illinois Website Design Company, Compass Web Studio, LLC hopes to bring a full array of website design services including but not limited to Website Development, Web Design, Social Website, Mobile Website, Logo Design, Video Production, eCommerce Website, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

A company spokesman stated today, “One of the most important contributing factors in the success of any Business-to-business relationship is the benefit it brings to both parties involved.  Since we are a family run business it is our personal reputations that are on the line every day.  Sure, we build websites, but we live and work in the community so it is our life that reflects how we do business.  We bring a good work ethic and good morals to the businesses in the communities we serve.  Compass Web Studio, LLC is more than a business to us, it’s a reflection of our life standards and moreover, who we are.”

Compass Web Studio, LLC is a fast growing Southern Illinois based company that has it’s roots based in software development and Information Technology all the way back to 1984.  For a complete list of products and services offered log onto to find out more about this Crawford County Illinois Website Design Company and their local expansion efforts for first quarter 2013.

 If you would like to contact Compass Web Studio, LLC for a FREE Website Design evaluation or just have a question, there are several ways to do that.  You can call Toll Free 877-700-2266, email, log onto or support the Federal Post Office and drop us a line at Compass Web Studio | PO Box 247 | Flora, Il 62839.


Crawford County Illinois Website Design CompanyCrawford County Illinois Website Design Company
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