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Friday Sept. 18, 2015

Coming soon, we will offer a new line of services with our One Page Websites!

Businesses need online presence to display information and to attract customers, but several companies are either just starting out or working on a limited budget. One page websites allow you to have a fast, easy, and low cost website, with your choice of business information and content to be displayed on the one page.We can change some colors to match your company logo, or leave a simple design with your choice of content and information.

  • A website will give you online presence, which is the fastest growing area of advertisement and business.
  • Customers expect online presence and look there first for information.
  • Your website will allow people to search for your business with Google, Bing, etc.
  • If you want to change or expand your site down the road, our system allows us to quickly use your page’s information. No wasted effort or time.



Work together to save big money…

We don’t visit on the front porch in the evenings the way people used to do lets say 50 years ago but we can still work together for the common good.

By partnering with the owners of neighboring small businesses, we can improve our buying power and save big money.  Work as a team to increase buying power and negotiate better pricing or even save on shipping costs with vendor.  You can do this with the simplest things such as office supplies and maintenance services.  If you are feeling more energetic, create your own buying group within your market to increase your clout and decrease the expense for everyone involved and therefore save big money for your business.

Comment back and let me know what creative tactics you have used to save big money on business products and services?

Joseph Smith is a co-owner of Compass Web Studio, LLC
He can be reached at 877.700.2266 or email


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These days in Illinois Website Design takes a bit more than creating some website design graphics and typing some words. It takes the knowledge of placement and what each type of business needs. Here at Compass Web Studio, we know Illinois website design and take it to the highest degree for all of our clients. Compass Web Studio integrates the latest website design tactics for all pages and sites we create. Compass Web Studio uses all of today’s web design platforms, and this assists in the proper web design structure and website design expected by our clients and potential clients. To view some of Compass Web Studio‘s latest web design techniques used, check out our portfolio web page at – Compass Web Studio Portfolio – Illinois Website Design. This will provide a solid look at what our Illinois website design developers can do for you and your business.


3 Ways Business Can Use Social Media For Lead Generation

For quite some time I have been a strong believer that inbound marketing and business to business (B2B) companies are the perfect match. Many B2B companies, especially those in professional services, are effectively selling their expertise to prospects. Producing top-of-funnel content (blog posts and published articles) and mid-funnel content (e-books and white-papers) is the perfect way to sell this expertise and convert prospects to leads.

If a B2B company is frequently publishing new, optimized blog posts and using calls-to-action, landing pages and premium content properly, it can turn its website into a real marketing force. Now, those of you familiar with the inbound marketing approach probably realized I haven’t yet talked about one of inbounds most important tools. I’m referring, of course, to social media marketing.

While most talented B2B leaders already see the value that content marketing brings, not nearly as many are sold on social media marketing. Quite a few marketers believe social media only works for companies with visual products, while some think it’s just busywork. Some even think they can use it to promote their content but wonder, “Who is going to read it?”

We think social media marketing can really be a powerful tool for B2B inbound marketers IF, and only IF, it is executed properly. Here are 3 reasons why:

“Persistence wins the customer in Social Media Marketing”

1. B2Bs Typically Have Long Sales Cycles
In a B2B transactions most times we experience a prospect sitting at the beginning of the sales cycle for months or even years.  They have interest in your product or service, but aren’t yet in a position to buy just yet. Even if they can’t buy now, you’ll want to maintain top-of-mind awareness with prospects so that when they have the need or they gain the resources to buy, they’ll buy from you. There’s no better tool to maintain top-of-mind awareness than social media where you touch prospects on a daily basis.

“Not all traffic is created the same, some converts better”

2. Social Media May Not be a Big Traffic Source, But it Usually carries a High Conversion Rate

While it is true that producing content that ranks organically on search engines is going to give your traffic numbers a much bigger boost than social media you have to weigh it against the value of traffic pales to determine the effectiveness of generating truly qualified leads.People who hit your website via Google or Bing may or may not be interested in what they find. But someone who clicks a link on social media knows exactly what to expect when they come to your page. This person is genuinely interested in your content and is therefore much more likely to be interested in becoming your customer.

In fact, the visitor-to-lead conversion rate for social media can be about nine times higher than that of organic search conversions. In total, we generated more leads from social media media than we did from organic search despite the fact that for every one person that came to our site via social media, there were five others that did so via organic search.

Event Specific #hashtags drive traffic at trade shows

3. Social Media Can Be a Huge promoter for your business at Trade Shows

Many B2Bs invest thousands of dollars into preparing and appearing at trade shows. Today, social media plays a huge part of trade shows. Many have # hashtags that are specific to the event in order to help generate a “buz” leading up to the event. If your business can position itself into these conversations, you’ll be able to connect more effectively with more prospects at these events.  These prospects can lead to conversions that stay connected to you long after the event is over.